I started looking at bikes 2 years ago. i would show up with my daughter to browse around. Dennis was always very helpful. one weekend my daughter (18yrs) went to the showroom just to look around. Dennis offered her the brochure for the motorcycle class and suggested it. my daughter suggested it to me and low and behold we found a weekend and took the class together. i had been looking at the NC for quite awhile and Dennis was always very helpful and most importantly NOT pushy. At times i would go to the showroom and look and Dennis would walk be and greet me (he knew my name by this time) and walk away with the comment if you have any questions... Hence i got more comfortable. I never never liked it when i would sit on a bike and the salesman is standing right next to me the WHOLE time. my daughter didnt like that either. Dennis definitely knew how to let the bike sell itself. So, When i made up mind that i was going to purchase, i met Dennis and I said that i am finding bikes (new) on internet with these incredible deals. Dennis very casually noted to be careful. He said before you make a purchase bring it in to him and he would see what he could do. So, i found a new NC in Scottsdale Arizona and the dealer said they would ship the bike. the Purchase price was $5880 NEW for a 2018. i was so excited. i called them and asked What is the purchase price for this bike? they said $5880 plus the $750 for shipping. i was ready to do the deal. i told them i was going to pay cash. the salesperson worked up the sticker sheet and low and behold there was $550 dealer prep, $480 titling, $450 in something else. Long story short, IT WAS THE SAME PRICE AS ANYWHERE ELSE. Plus i had to pay the shipping. then i found a new bike in Chattanooga. I just had to go get it. The bike was (with everything else) $400 cheaper. is asked Dennis to see what he could do, and more importantly, WHAT is the price of the PURCHASE. He gave me a price, and since i really wanted to buy locally i agreed. I asked him, I am coming in today, paying cash, How much do i bring? It was the same price he quoted me. Well with that level of trust i was happy. Honesty goes along way. FYI. i had a 1994 CR that i raced for 8 years and i have 2 honda CT70's. all of which i have purchased alot of STUFF from this location so i really did want to buy from this location. The service staff have always been the greatest. thanks Dennis. (Employee: Dennis Fantl)
tim rogaczewski

Thank you for your kind words regarding Dennis! We take great pride in quoting fair, honest pricing so that there are no surprises when you come to pick up the bike. We are grateful for your continued business and hope that you enjoy your new Honda as much as your older ones!

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