She let me get the Slingshot
Not normally one to write a review but felt it necessary this time. Dennis was fantastic, not only did this man remember us from a previous visit, but really knew how to make the customer feel appreciated. His salesmanship is practically indescribable. Team him up with Tom and you have a winning combination. Both gentlemen definitely went beyond expectations in making our deal work. These two are the reason we decided to return to Mungenast. Thank you guys. (Employee: Dennis Fantl, Tom Hansen)
Jason Buss

Thanks for the great review of Tom and Dennis.  Great to hear you had an awesome experience, and we appreciate you thinking of us when it was time to get your Slingshot.

We appreciate you taking the time to send in this review, but mostly appreciate you coming in and working with Dennis and Tom.  Enjoy your Slingshot, and we hope to see you back in the store real soon.

Thanks again.

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