Purchase of 2020 Rebel 500 ABS
This is the 3rd Honda I have purchased from Mungenast with Dennis as my salesman. We have become friends over those years. I don't live too far from Mungenast so drop in fairly frequently to check out new stock arrivals and to say hello to my friends at the dealership. We always have something to talk about. I try not to pester them too much. J in the parts/accessories department is always helpful along with Tom and Jeff. Tom handles the paperwork related to the sale and is very thorough in his explanations of the pertinent details. Jeff makes sure that things are managed correctly. A friendly crew and that is probably the main reason why I drop by on occasion. They all seemed happy that I was anxious to get the my Rebel. It arrived earlier than the expected delivery date so the news was fantastic when they called and said it was ready for me to pick up. They seemed almost as excited as I was. Riding it home that day was way better than a test ride!! I did my Rebel test ride soon after they were released in 2018 I believe. I am very happy with the bike in every regard. Honda put some real thoughtful design into the Rebel. My first Honda was the Mini Trail 50 in the first year it was available. That first version had no lights so was not street legal. I think that was 1968. I eventually gave it to my son when he was past 40 years old. He still owns it and it has always run like new. It gets ridden more often than you would think. He had replaced tires, chain and fuel tank. Mungenast Motorsports is a great group with great products. (Employee: Dennis Fantl)
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Kilburn Adams

Thanks a million for this review.  We really appreciate you being a great customer, and want to thank you for working with us on your new 2020 Rebel 500.

It is always exciting when we deliver a new bike.  It is even more so when it is delivered to a true enthusiast.  We appreciate your passion for the Honda lineup.  We thank you for being a friend of the store.

Enjoy your new bike, and thanks for all you do!

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